We make it happen in every way possible, and we're sure you do too... that's why you're here!Jay & Lynn Co is a black and woman led company who knows the power of smell is unmatched. We handcraft premium and luxury aromatherapy products perfect for those who have things to do- even if it's relaxing. We're trusted with the title of being your biggest fan with the reminders you didn’t know you needed.

Our Statement Candles: On the back of each candle from the Original Collection, you will find a short statement, message, or reminder to escort the aroma that is filling your space. Powered by smell and self- go you!

Candle of the Month: "The Man I Don't Have". February is over but for those who are still feeling a way, we got you. This scent from our Original Collection has base notes of sandalwood and cedar, topped off with notes of lavender. Think relaxation, rejuvenation, with a hint of sexy.

Ohh, I need this!
  • Hand Crafted

    in small batches to ensure top tier quality. Each item goes though two extensive rounds of quality control before being shipped to you.

  • Our Waxes

    pure soy + coco apricot creme

    both are clean burning, vegan, and nontoxic.

  • Our Fragrance

    we only mix with fragrance oils that are remarkably strong and have been tested for exceptional performance.